Timeline for addressing limitations with the new login experience

Hi there,

Referring to the New Universal Login Experience Limitations, the following two limitations are problematic for us at the moment:

  • The Signup page only lets users enter username / email / password, and does not offer the ability to prompt users to accept terms of service.
  • It’s not possible to link to the Signup page or default to it. Users will land in the login page, and can navigate to Signup from there.

Are these limitations something that Auth0 plans to address in the future? If so, is there any timeline for when this may happen?


Thanks @jerrie1 for reporting that!

Let me ping the feature owners to shed some light on it!

@konrad.sopala It’s been 2 weeks since your previous response. Have you managed to get the information related to my questions?

Hey there @jerrie1!

Yep just received the info from Universal Login product manager.

We want to address both, but we don’t have an ETA. It does not seem it will happen anytime soon, as we prioritized several things above it.

Thank you @konrad.sopala. It is not ideal, but it is useful to know that it won’t happen any time soon so we can put workarounds in place.

Will let you know once we have any more precise info to share!

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