Introducing Auth0 Templates for .NET

Create your .NET applications secured with Auth0 in less than a minute with Auth0 Templates for .NET.
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To be honest, I was quite excited when I saw this announcement. However, this does not give us a “in seconds” solution. In fact, its also only slightly more convenient than setting up the application in the Auth0 dashboard. What I would like is a step by step document that we can use for Blazor server and Webassembly. The current documentation is not very intuitive for a noob. For instance when testing we use local host, but when we publish what do the callback URLS look like?? The authors make too many assumptions with the docs. When I have emailed Auth0 for support, there was simply no response. Nope, unless things change, I’m out !

Thank you for sharing your view and feedback @Duelagan ! @andrea.chiarelli can you weigh in on this? Thanks!

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Hey @Duelagan,
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

The goal of the Auth0 Templates (like any other .NET template) is to set up a .NET application with Auth0 embedded directly from the tool you use to build your application (.NET CLI, Visual Studio). It’s a little bit better than a sample project because it doesn’t require you to explicitly download and make some little adjustment changes, but nothing more at this time.

If you need a step by step tutorial on Blazor applications, we have a few of them. Have you tried the following?

Regarding your question about the callback URLs, these are the URLs that Auth0 is allowed to redirect users to after login. So, when you publish your application, you need to use the production URL of your application.

I’m sorry about your experience with support. I’d like to know what your expectations are. For example, when you say “The authors make too many assumptions with the docs”, what docs are you talking about and what assumptions exactly are you referring to?
This would help us improve our technical content.
Thank you

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