Auth0 Templates for .NET: A New Powerful Version Released

A new version of the Auth0 Templates for .NET package has been released: discover the new powerful features.
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This morning, after some computer problems, I decided to try the templates. Following along, either using VS or the cmd line or VS, then registering with the command line, I get an error in registering. The funny thing is that it looks like the clipwrapper is pointing to your user file.

Hey @MickCG,
Thank you for trying the templates.
The CLI wrapper does not actually point to my filesystem. What you see is the embedded debug info, which does not affect its behavior. I’m aware of this issue and am going to fix it in the next release.
What the error message do you get?

Just the above and of course does not register with Auth0.

:thinking: I think that at least the exception message should be displayed.
What I can deduce from the stack trace is that your application was registered with Auth0 (check in your Auth0 dashboard) but it failed to be configured. Can you share what template were you running?
Even better, can you please open an issue here?