Internationalization of New Universal Login is not working for pt-BR

He are trying to implement internationalization of the New Universal Login but it does not seems to work for Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR), all the password and login validations messages are still in english.

We used this documentation to configure the internationalization:

  • The documentations says that pt-BR is one of he supported languages
  • pt-BR is configured as the default language in the tenant settings
  • We sent ui_locales to start the authorization on our SPA:
webAuth.authorize({ ui_locales: 'pt-BR' })
  • We settled the ui_locales again in the universal login form:
  realm: databaseConnection,
  username: username,
  password: password,
  ui_locale: 'pt-br'                  
}, function (err) {
  if (err) displayError(err);
  • As a last resource we forced the Accept-Language header in the WebAuth client:
webAuth.baseOptions.headers = { 'Accept-Language': 'pt-BR' };

Are we missing something in this issue?

facing same issue.I m trying to use new universal login

Have you tried by specifying the language in the dashboard as indicated in this doc?