Internal Server Error when trying to manage Actions

When using the auth0-cli-deploy tool, I began receiving the error “Problem loading tenant data from Auth0 Internal Server Error: An internal server error occurred” around 15:00 UTC today (Aug 19 2022) when attempting to import my tenant config.

When attempting to export my tenant config, everything works up until actions, at which point I receive the error: “Problem updating actions, An internal server error occurred.”

I then attempted to access any flows through the dashboard, but receive a message: “Error! Unexpected failure”. I receive this error in all 3 of my tenants (dev, preview, and production).

I am on US-3. Auth0 Status Page indicates no issues, so I am wondering if this is an Auth0 issue or something wrong with my account. All of these pages were working fine up until today.

Example export logs from auth0-cli-deploy:

$ a0deploy import --input_file tenant.yaml --config_file ./config/preview.json --debug
2022-08-19T15:04:39.930Z - debug: Start command import
2022-08-19T15:04:40.166Z - debug: Loading YAML from C:\Users\xxx\Repos\xxx\auth0\tenant.yaml
2022-08-19T15:04:46.269Z - info: Getting access token for xxx/
2022-08-19T15:04:51.983Z - debug: Start processChanges for rules [delete:0] [update:0], [create:0], [conflicts:0]
2022-08-19T15:04:51.984Z - debug: Start processChanges for rulesConfigs [delete:0] [update:0], [create:0], [conflicts:0]
2022-08-19T15:04:52.281Z - debug: Start processChanges for hooks [delete:0] [update:0], [create:0], [conflicts:0]
2022-08-19T15:04:52.667Z - debug: Start processChanges for resourceServers [delete:0] [update:1], [create:0], [conflicts:0]
2022-08-19T15:04:52.668Z - debug: Stripping "xxx API" read-only fields ["identifier","id"]
2022-08-19T15:04:52.828Z - info: Updated [resourceServers]: {"name":"xxx  API","identifier":""}
2022-08-19T15:04:52.990Z - debug: Start processChanges for clients [delete:0] [update:2], [create:0], [conflicts:0]
2022-08-19T15:04:52.991Z - debug: Stripping "xxx" read-only fields ["jwt_configuration.secret_encoded","client_id"]
2022-08-19T15:04:52.991Z - debug: Stripping "xxx (Test Application)" read-only fields ["jwt_configuration.secret_encoded","client_id"]
2022-08-19T15:04:53.221Z - info: Updated [clients]: {"name":"xxx API (Test Application)","client_id":"xxx"}
2022-08-19T15:04:53.232Z - info: Updated [clients]: {"name":"xxx","client_id":"xxx"}
2022-08-19T15:04:53.427Z - info: Updated [guardianFactors]: {"name":"duo"}
2022-08-19T15:04:53.434Z - info: Updated [guardianFactors]: {"name":"webauthn-platform"}
2022-08-19T15:04:53.439Z - info: Updated [guardianFactors]: {"name":"sms"}
2022-08-19T15:04:53.455Z - info: Updated [guardianFactors]: {"name":"otp"}
2022-08-19T15:04:53.541Z - info: Updated [guardianFactors]: {"name":"email"}
2022-08-19T15:04:54.966Z - info: Updated [guardianFactors]: {"name":"recovery-code"}
2022-08-19T15:04:55.617Z - info: Updated [guardianFactors]: {"name":"webauthn-roaming"}
2022-08-19T15:04:59.236Z - info: Updated [guardianFactors]: {"name":"push-notification"}
2022-08-19T15:04:59.388Z - info: Updated [guardianPolicies]: {"policies":[]}
2022-08-19T15:04:59.514Z - info: Updated [guardianPhoneFactorSelectedProvider]: {"provider":"auth0"}
2022-08-19T15:04:59.692Z - info: Updated [guardianPhoneFactorMessageTypes]: {"message_types":[]}
2022-08-19T15:04:59.851Z - info: Updated [prompts]: Prompts settings and prompts custom text
2022-08-19T15:05:00.574Z - debug: Start processChanges for databases [delete:0] [update:1], [create:0], [conflicts:0]
2022-08-19T15:05:00.575Z - debug: Stripping "" read-only fields ["strategy","name","id"]
2022-08-19T15:05:00.988Z - info: Updated [databases]: {"name":"Username-Password-Authentication","id":"con_xxx"}
2022-08-19T15:05:01.666Z - debug: Start processChanges for connections [delete:0] [update:1], [create:0], [conflicts:0]
2022-08-19T15:05:01.666Z - debug: Stripping "" read-only fields ["strategy","name","id"]
2022-08-19T15:05:03.210Z - info: Updated [connections]: {"name":"google-oauth2","id":"con_xxx"}
2022-08-19T15:05:03.686Z - debug: Start processChanges for clientGrants [delete:0] [update:1], [create:0], [conflicts:0]
2022-08-19T15:05:03.687Z - debug: Stripping "" read-only fields ["audience","client_id","id"]
2022-08-19T15:05:03.969Z - info: Updated [clientGrants]: {"id":"cgr_xxx","client_id":"xxx","audience":""}
2022-08-19T15:05:09.039Z - debug: Start processChanges for roles [delete:0] [update:1], [create:0]
2022-08-19T15:05:09.571Z - info: Updated [roles]: {"id":"rol_xxx"}
2022-08-19T15:05:09.781Z - debug: Start processChanges for actions [delete:0] [update:1], [create:0], [conflicts:0]
2022-08-19T15:05:09.782Z - debug: Stripping "<<Action name>>" read-only fields ["deployed","status","id"]
2022-08-19T15:05:20.061Z - error: Problem running command import during stage processChanges when processing type actions
2022-08-19T15:05:20.061Z - error: Problem updating actions {"id":"{{uuid}}","name":"{{Action name}}"}
Internal Server Error: An internal server error occurred
2022-08-19T15:05:20.062Z - debug: Error: Problem updating actions {"id":"{{uuid}}","name":"{{action name}}"}
Internal Server Error: An internal server error occurred
    at C:\Users\xxx\Repos\xxx\auth0\node_modules\auth0-deploy-cli\lib\tools\auth0\handlers\default.js:231:31
    at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)
error Command failed with exit code 1.

I guess this was a temporary outage as the issue is now resolved without me having done anything differently.

I am seeing a similar error today. We are also on US-3, using auth0-deploy-cli@7.14.3.

I retried the deploy and it is now working again…

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