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Integration of Microsoft’s Outlook Calendar REST API through Auth0

I am building a real-time calendar app where I want to implement a two-way integration with different Calendar APIs, Outlook being one of them (with Google Cal and iCal) meaning that I want to be able to write, edit and delete into the users external calendar and vice versa.
For google calendar it seems like we cannot use a third-party like auth0 and must create our own auth-flow from scratch. Does that also apply to Microsoft’s Outlook Calendar REST API?
Up until now we have been using Auth0 so obviously we would save time if we could stick to that, but seems to me that we should implement our own auth using OAuth 2.0 from scratch to be able to connect to all the Calendar APIs.
Thanks so much in advance for any help and thoughts on this topic!

Hey there @stephanie, we do often work with Google and Microsoft in a number of different instances. Even if you end up needing to write some custom code, the Management API should be able to help you in handling your users. I have linked some of our standard docs on below on this subject. Please let me know if these end up helping you or if there are any additional questions i can assist with!