Auth abilities

Hey guys, a couplequestions:

  1. Do you support 2 way calendar syncing for google and office 365?
  2. Do you support apple login?


We focus on authentication and authorization services and can integrate with Google and Office 365 but from an authentication and authorization perspective.

I might be missing something but the answer to your first question would be that the calendar requirement is mostly out of scope. It’s true that for some services depending on how you configure your integration you could implement an application where the user authenticates and grants access not just to their user information, but also to other API’s. For example, when you configure a Google social connection you could request permission to access the user calendar from within your application, however, I’m not sure if that was what you were asking.

In relation to Apple login, from a quick online search, the Apple login seems to be restricted to Apple provided services and they don’t allow third-party services to rely on their authentication system so it seems that would be a no.