Auth0 + Gmail + Outlook + Yahoo Mail

Hi, I am creating an AI agent that helps my customer manage their email. The service is a backend service running in the backend and needs an access token to my customer’s personal email. Right now I am using OAuth 2.0 for Gmail. But it took me a lot of time to tune and maintain it. Can Auth0 help me get those tokens and manage them?
Please send me the doc if possible. Thanks!

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Hey there @henryou0506, welcome to the community!

This does indeed sound like something Auth0 could help you manage - Auth0 offers many SDKs that you could utilize. Once users authenticate/authorize, details about the federated user will be available in the identities array on the user profile. Depending on the provider, an access token may be available.

Hope this helps to at least give you an idea as to what’s possible, cheers!

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