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Integrating auth0 in a Photoshop plugin


We used auth0 docs and quickstarts to quickly put something together for our webapp and API.
But now we are facing a problem that judging by the lack of documentation we might the first to experience.

We developped a Photoshop plugin to create a bridge between Adobe PS and our webapp.
That plugin asks for the user to be logged in to be able to use it (it basically exports groups of layers as images and upload them to our platform) but can’t find any doc on how to use the auth0 SDK from within a PS plugin.

For more information on how a PS plugin is made here is the article we used as a starting point and built-on

We feel like the cordova doc might be closest thing we have but one of the very first challenge is to have a static (or a predictable one) callback URL.
For example, on a Windows environment “window.location.path” returns “file:///C:/Users/{user}/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/CEP/extensions/test/index.html”

For more information on Adobe plugin environment:

If anyone could give us some pointers we would really appreciate it!