Instagram_basic permissions in the Facebook OAuth Connection

We are trying to access a business instagram photos to help them post to ads on their behalf. We are already approved for all permissions to do so but instagram_basic, and this is at least partially caused because we are not asking for the permission in the first place. The Auth0 dashboard doesn’t have the ability to ask for it (though it does have manage_pages, among others) within the Facebook connection, though per Instagram login is deprecated and the documentation on Auth0 is broken it appears that we might be able to just do it anyway and ask for the scope anyway? How do we do that? We are using a custom login page hosted within Auth0 and the lock-js library.

Hello chris12, and welcome to the Auth0 community! :tada:

If the Instagram or Facebook social connections are missing a permission which you need, you will have to implement a custom social connection

Additionally, in this situation, you may have to submit your app for review with Facebook.

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Thanks a lot @thomas.osborn for sharing that knowledge here!

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