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Hey guys, I am writing to continue the topic brought up here:

Is there any chance to get Auth0 working with new Instagram Basic Display API anytime soon?

I see docs claiming that it is not an authentication solution, so not sure how it should be interconnected with Facebook login. The case of my app is connecting multiple social media accounts into one Auth0 account and taking data based on it later in the flow, so the fact that I need to connect Instagram through Facebook brings a lot of complications, is there anything you could advice me so far?

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Hi alex_oakslab, and welcome to the community!

I followed up on that post as it appears Instagram as an IdP has been deprecated in favor of Facebook. However, it sounds like this Instagram Basic Display API might provide its own access tokens, in which case you would need to configure a custom social connection: Connect Apps to Generic OAuth2 Authorization Servers

I have no tried setting it up myself, but based on the info here it sounds like it should be possible: Overview - Instagram Platform - Documentation - Meta for Developers

I believe someday we plan on making a new Instagram social connection which works with this new Instagram social login option.

Let us know if you have any other questions regarding that Alex!

Thank you for your answer, I also checked out the answer in original topic (it was closed so I have to reply here).

I would like to clear up a couple of things for myslelf:

  • What API is current “Connections/Social/Instagram” widget referring to? As far as I understand based on permissions it should refer to Instagram Graph API, although when I am trying to input my general Facebook Graph API id and secret it throws “Invalid platform app” exception (though weirdly it seemed to work first time). So is it referring to old IG API, Graph IG API, Basic Display IG API or is it simply broken?
  • Coming from the previous question - I see that permissions related to IG Graph API which previously where on Facebook connection where moved to IG connection. However in Facebook developer portal all of the permissions on Facebook and IG Graph APIs are currently mixed together and need to be applied while specifing scope for Facebook Login. Is there anyway I can get data from IG Graph API with the help of Auth0?
  • Sorry for dummy question, I understand it is likely out of your scope, but would be happy to get some help. Why can’t new Basic Display API be technically used to authenticate users? I see there is a flow “gain a code based on your IG authentication” => “change code for a short-lived token” => “change short-lived token to long-live token” => “get user id from long-live token”. If I can retrieve a user based on token which user can gain only from their authentication and compare it with user I have stored why can’t I authenticate user this way? Is there some key concept I am missing?

Thanks for your answer in advance!

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