Inquiries configure domain for non federated

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Good day,

Currently we are trying to develop new IDP using auth0, we have some inquiries related to domain here the details

  • We need to say what federation link to use for each domain
  • How would we configure non federated domain
  • e.g
    • โ†’ SAML to company A
    • โ†’ Federation through our existing AzureAD B2B connection
    • โ†’ Non-Federated User
      • Should not support federation

Hi tehre @rizki.rachman ,

Thank you for reaching out.

You should be able to keep the AzureAD B2B connection as a button in the New Universal Login widget. For the rest of SAML connections you can utilize Home REALM discovery while for the non-federated users - use a regular database connection. :slight_smile:

For these settings, I suggest using the Identifier first login experience so that a user is first presented with a screen to enter their email.

You can also read more in this post: Multiple Connections per Organization - #4 by marcelina.barycka.

Does this answer your question?

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hi @marcelina.barycka

Thanks for quick feedback, i already explore it and seems you suggest is very helpful for us to decide what we need to do
last question if i may or do i need create another topic for this

Is there any limit for number of domains assigned to a single connection and number of connections created ?

Hi @rizki.rachman ,

There is a limit of 1000 domains per single connection and up to 10 connections per Auth0 tenant for free subscriptions or up to 100 connections per tenant for paid subscriptions.

If you would like to read more about quotas, I have left a link to our doc.

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thanks @marcelina.barycka this very helpful

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