Initial Password Creation Email Template

Hi everyone - I have a login flow where a webhook fires, and an account is created. Once that happens, Auth0 sends the email quoted below. This email invites the user to create a password, and then log into their account.

The flow itself appears to be working perfectly, but the problem is that both my developers and I do not know how to change the template text. The email is not listed under Branding / Email Templates, and I tried checking a bunch of other areas within Auth0 too.

Does anyone know where you could find this template?

Welcome to (Application Name)!
Please add complete your account by clicking the following link:

Complete my account

If you are having any issues with your account, please don’t hesitate to contact us by replying to this mail.

(Application Name)

Hi @mcod83kpaf78,

I can’t find any references to this email, but it looks like a welcome email. If you modify the welcome email template do you still receive this email? What type of connection are you using?

Also, where does the complete my account link go?

Hi Dan - thank you so much for your reply! Here are responses to your questions in order:

  1. Yes, it still appears if I enable the Welcome Email template (which is different than the text here).
  2. I am using a Database Connection - the title is Username-Password-Authentication. We are also using a rule, but I’d have to ask my developer how he’s bringing the webhooks in.
  3. It goes to a screen that invites them to set their password. After it’s set, it takes them to the login screen. Once they log in, it redirects to the site.

Can you please DM me the name of your tenant?

Just DMed, thank you so much Dan!

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