Information on custom query parameters

I’ve just found this link which describes custom query parameters that can be sent with the login redirect in React

Here is a bit more information on it from the documentation

Please could someone explain to me where the transaction object comes from in the second link? Does its name matter or could it be called anything?

{ transaction.params.ext-ga }

Thank you!

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Hi @Lauro235,

The transaction object is variable available in New Universal Login template customizations. The params object is from the authorize request query params.

If you pass query params to the authorize endpoint they should be available in the transaction.params object. What you see in the documentation is an example.

Hope this helps!


Hi Dan,

Thanks for the information. Is it available in free developer accounts? I’d like to give it a go if possible.

Thanks for your response! :grinning:

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New Universal Login Page Templates require a custom domain, which is a paid feature. You won’t be able to use it on a free plan.

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