Send custom params from auth0-spa-js loginWithRedirect() for using in rules

Dear Community,

I’m developing reactJS app using auth0-spa-js. I want to pass custom params through the loginWithRedirect() function and use same in rules to implement some custom logic.

roleID uuid
venue uuid

Which SDK this is regarding: auth0-spa-js

Is this the right format to do so?

in auth0-spa-js
<Button type=‘primary’ onClick={() => loginWithRedirect([‘passID’ : passID, ‘venue’ :venue ])}> Log In

in Rules
const [passID, venue] = JSON.Parse(context.request.query)

Hi @pratikpalse,

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You need to pass an object. ({}) to the loginWithRedirect() method. You are currently passing an array ([]).

For example:


Okay got it. Please confirm how to use these params inside Rules.

They are available in context.request.query.

Have you tried it?

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