Importing Auth0 config is resetting Authentication Profile to identity + password

I have exported the current configuration from my tenant that has identity first set in the prompt as shown below

  "universal_login_experience": "new",
  "identifier_first": true,
  "webauthn_platform_first_factor": false

But when I import the config, it set the Authentication Profile back to identity + password.
Are there any other place that I must set to keep the original configuration?
Here is the export for prompt after importing the config:

  "universal_login_experience": "new"

See that it has removed the values that was provided by the correct configuration.
Here is the version of the libraries used:

└─┬ auth0-deploy-cli@7.21.0
  └── auth0@3.7.2

Any help is appreciated.

I was able to get it working adding the auth0 library dependency explicitly in the package.json with version 4.3.1.

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