Identifier-First login in New Universal Login

When will Identifier-First login be available in the New Universal Login Experience? Or, will it ever?

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Hey there Mattias!

What do you mean by identifier-first login?

I mean this:

…and here it says it’s not yet supported:


So basically to provide you with a little bit of context. The New Universal Login Experience Limitations is a backlog of things that the UL team is constantly working on and prioritizing on a regular basis. Unfortunately we cannot disclose any ETA on any of those items but the team is constantly working on reducing this list of action items.

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To not keep this topic open as we don’t know exactly when those points will be released. For you sure won’t miss them as we announce each of them once they’re implemented. I’m closing this topic but once we have Identifier-First login in place I will reopen it and let you know!