Import/Export rules settings with auth0-deploy-cli Jan-2022

Hi Team,

We are looking to update rule-config setting value through Auth0-deploy CLI tool, but did not find any relevant information. We found one old thread where solution was provided but links mentioned in solution are no longer available.


Can someone provide more details here?

Jaydeep S

Hi @Jaydeeps03 ,

I noticed that you created a support ticket for the same query. Below your query is the answer/solution our DSE provided.

From what I can understand, you are trying to export/import your rules configs via the deploy CLI.

Please note that the secrets of rules and custom DBs cannot be exported out of Auth0. They are in an encrypted state which is decrypted only at runtime during logins. However, they can be imported via the CLI.

To import them, for rules, you can simply add them inside a rulesConfigs object in the top-level of the YAML file. Example YAML:

    key: "key1"
    value: 'value1'

Hopefully, the answer can be beneficial to other folks in our community!

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