Import/Export extension - no users

I import the following JSON -

{"username":"","Email":"","Email Verified":true,"app_metadata": {"roles":["admin"],"city":"MEL"}}
,{"username":"","Email":"","Email Verified":true,"app_metadata": {"roles":["admin"],"city":"MEL","full-name":"test user","email-address":""}}

UI says job completed. But there are no users in the tenant.

The extension will say completed upon import, but it is possible it fails. I just tried copy/paste your data and my UI also specified complete, however I received an email shortly after notifying me that the 2 users failed. Can you retry, but with lowercase ‘e’’ and ‘v’ for “email” and “email verified” keywords? That worked for me.

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Aaaaaah! I wish they could attach more error logs!.

But this works! Thank you Kim. You are a star :slight_smile:

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