Import Export Extension fails to load

Problem statement

Unable to use the Import Export Extension after an install. Here is the error:

invalid_request: Failed to fetch configuration from: https://TENANT .wt.ENVIRONMENT

Steps to reproduce

  • Try to install the extension with Node 16 enabled → Error
  • Try to install the extension with Node 12 enabled → Works as expected


The issue is due to Node versions. You can use Node 16, but the extension needs to be installed while 12 is enabled.


We have a backlog item for correcting this issue. As a workaround, please try the below steps in the meantime:

  1. Uninstall the extension from the tenant
  2. Change the Node runtime from Node 16 to Node 12 temporarily. You can change this in the Advanced tab of your Tenant Settings.
  3. re-install the extension, and confirm it’s working
  4. If you know you need Node 16, you can now switch back to this. The Node version for the extension only matters at the time of installation so the field in question causing the error is set correctly.