Implement a Delete Protection option for user databases

The option to set a ‘delete protection’ option on the database connection through the dashboard.
Should block deletes through api and provide an extra block for an accidental delete of a database.

After going through a little scare today after a database was accidently deleted from a pre-Prod tenant instead of a dev tenant, this was the first thing that came to mind. It’s also a option found in AWS at least on RDS of which I included the link and screenshot.
This would have saved me an extra few grey hairs :slight_smile:

Amazon RDS Now Provides Database Deletion Protection

As the user database backups are not meant to restore ‘intentional’ deletes (in error), having this extra sanity lock on the databases filled with user data could be huge help in avoiding this scenario.
If you’re wondering how we managed to do something ‘silly’ like this, sometimes having multiple tabs open of the Auth0 dashboard could block a tenant switch making it look like you switched to a dev tenant while still remaining on the (near) prod tenant. Having the same database names across tenants also makes it easier to make a mistake.

In summary, I truly believe one such a ‘simple’ checkbox could become somebody’s lifesaver in the future!


Thanks for filing in this feature request. Let’s see how many people from community are interested in such addition as well.