Bulk Deleting Users

Feature: Bulk Deleting Users

Description: Currently when managing users we have a highly restrictive API rate limit for testing environments. On development, I can only delete 2 users a second which when managing 1000s of test users can take a very long time to batch delete soo many users.

It would be good if we can bulk delete users which will help when we are wanting to “reset” our auth0 environment.

Use-case: As per our agreements with our clients, we do not use any client data that contains any personally identifiable information relating to their account. But during development we sometimes need to use a production database backup that gets “obfuscated” and part of this obfuscation is generating random names and email addresses of our users. So between production backups, we will need to purge our auth0 user base and then import the users under new email addresses.

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Would be a very helpful feature!

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