Image urls in email templates are broken

I’m trying to configure a “Verification Email (Using Link)” template. I configured our custom email provider and can successfully send test emails.

Now I am modifying the default template provided by swapping the src of the logo img tag with a link to an image on our CDN on AWS as suggested here:

When I test the email, the image appears to be broken and upon inspection, the src is getting prefixed with some proxy address similar to

Is this the expected behavior? How do I get an external image to render correctly?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @stokoe ,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I tested by updating the src to this Logo image URL, and it’s working fine.

Could you try my URL and let me know if it works on your end? And do you mind sharing your image logo URL with me via DM?


Hi @lihua.zhang,

Thanks for the response.

I tried your image url in my template and it worked. This got me thinking maybe whatever processing or proxying is going on doesn’t work with SVGs. So then I tried a PNG from the same exact S3 bucket and it worked. I guess this should have occurred to me earlier because SVGs are not well supported in most email clients.

Thanks for your nudge in the right direction. We can consider this case closed.

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