IdP Initiated Login using Universal Login in React

I am trying to understand how to enable IdP initiated login on my application. I followed the guide on the OneLogin guide. Configure OneLogin as IdP and IdP Initiated Login. I have everything working. The connection works when testing from Auth0 dashboard. When I try to do the IdP initiated login, i just end up on my landing page without having access to the app. I use Universal Login with the Auth0Provider from the react package. Wondering how to enable this. Am I redirecting to the wrong location?

Hey there @creedjarrett welcome to the community!

Good to know it’s working in the test via Auth0 dashboard!

Are you able to login and redirect successfully using any other IDP (Google, Facebook, etc.) or via Auth0 directly? Testing in our React sample app might be helpful in keeping things simple :slight_smile:

Let us know!