I would like to know how to delete the dashboard admin user from Auth0

Hi there,

How do I delete the Auth0 dashboard admin user?

As a premise, I added some dashboard admin users in my tenant.
This dashboard admin users are added as tenant members.

Some of the added dashboard admin users are no longer needed due to reasons such as retirement, so I have been deleted from the tenant members.

However, even after the deletion, the user is still able to log in to Auth0, and it seems that the user information remains in Auth0.

How can I delete all this user information and make it impossible to even log in?

Hi @kimijimat ,

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If the Admin users have access to more than one tenant, to remove them from the Auth0 dashboard, they need to be removed from all tenants that they have access to. Once it’s completed, please follow the procedure described here to request deleting the users from the Auth0 dashboard.

Hope this helps!

Hi, Lihua

Thank you for your response.

I understand. The target users have already been deleted from all tenants, so I would like to send the email addresses of the users to your support team.

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