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Deleting Auth0 user account not possible (in case of dashboards admin of a single application)



I was invited to become dashboard admin (for a single application). I signed up with a new Auth0 user account (email + password).

Now I want to delete this Auth0 user account. I can’t figure out how to do this.

If I was a dashboard admin for all applications, I had access to upper right menu -> Account Settings-> Advanced and on the page bottom Delete. But that would delete the whole Auth0 SUBSCRIPTION account anyways - which is of course not what I want.
As a single-application-dashboard-admin - being one amonst many - I just want to delete my individual Auth0 USER account (of course along with all enrolled MFA devices for this Auth0 user account).

How would I go about to achieve this?


This depends on which of the following users you want to delete;

  1. A dashboard admin user.
  2. A user of your applications (i.e. a user within your connections).

If you want to delete your dashboard admin user, this would need to be done by another dashboard administrator with All Applications permissions, from the Dashboard Admins settings:

To delete a user of your applications (i.e A user in your connections), this can be done from the user profile in the dashboard > Actions > Delete User.