I want to skip the universal login screen and perform social login

I have a question about Universal Login.
I am creating and using a .NET web application (non-.NET Core).
I installed OWIN according to this Quick Start.

I am using Social login (Gmail, Apple, etc.).
But I don’t use email and password verification because I use my implementation.

I want to place Gmail and LINE buttons on the existing login form screen and authenticate Gmail etc. directly without displaying the universal login screen.
Is it possible?
(If you see the universal login screen, you’ll have to tap twice before you log in. I don’t want to do that.)

I found a similar question ticket, but about the Angular implementation.

Is there a way to implement .NET?

I’m not familiar with .NET or the OWIN framework at all, so just a guess where/how to pass along the connection parameter, but have you tried (it’s just a guess):

notification.ProtocolMessage.SetParameter("connection", YOUR_CONNECTION_NAME);

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