I need to login from native Winforms desktop app without redirect to Auth0 Login Page

I have created a basic winforms desktop app using visual studio 2019. i am able to successfully run the auth0 login using loginAsyn

c() but when i publish the app to users i get the Authentication window with OK and unable to fetch id token etc.

To authenticate use user directly without calling Auth0 hosted page, you need to call Auth0 authetication API. You can get details for this on Auth0 authentication API docs.

Here are the docs:

thanks rashid779939 & Konrad for the prompt response.

But after going through the API docs, I doubt that the API Authentication can be used, as the user needs to enter username and password at the web authentication window that pops up. I couldn’t find anything related in the docs shared here.

Sorry for being non-technical i’m a noob.


Do i need to put more details here to get a solution? If yes please let me know what additional info is needed.

Hey there Sameer!

Can you tell me which stack / quickstart / doc of ours are you using to implement that?

Auth0 Winforms SDK - but using visual basic

Private Async Sub Button2_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button2.Click
Dim loginresult = Await client.LoginAsync()

    If loginresult.IsError Then
    End If
End Sub

This is a repo that was some time ago developed by Auth0 but is no longer actively maintained by us (there’s a note in the repo) due to bandwidth issues in our SDK team. The repo is currently community maintained which means we take a look from time to time and review PRs but that’s not the regular work we put in our other repos.

It might be out of date and some of the things might not be working now due to package versions changes etc. Sorry for the inconvenience!

is there any other repo i can use with winforms and enable user login by user id password

Right now there isn’t. The SDK team have it in plans but there’s no specific ETA on that.

after some testing its turns out that the issue is with the browser object used in the authentication window is the culprit. while in windows 10 the Edge browser is emulated the problem arises in the windows 7 and older pcs where by default the browser emulates the older versions of Internet Explorer.

Thanks a lot Konrad for the support.

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Thanks a lot for letting us know!

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