Help to use AuthO api in our desktop application

Hello Team,
Our requirement is that we wanted our customers to auto login in desktop application which we built for our customers in Visual studio 2019.

We don’t want our customers to provide their credentials each time when they login to their PC as the same in slack communicator.

I have few queries as below inline:

  1. Can I use Auth0 api to my desktop application, if yes then how?

  2. What are the ways to configure Auth0 api into desktop application?

  3. Do we need to purchase a license for this api or it’s free?

Many Thanks,

Deepak Garg
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Hi @todeepakgarg,

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Yes, you can add auth0 to a desktop/native app.

This page shows all of our desktop and mobile quickstarts.

If you are building a windows C# app this is a good place to start.

There are different plans depending on features and number of users. See our pricing page for details:

Hi Dan,

Thank you for respond and i am going through with the stuff you shared and in case have more queries i will let you know.
Our requirement is -
We wanted our customers to auto login in the desktop application developed using and just they login to their computer.
If we will use this Auth0 api in our application, will that help to auto login our customers means user id and password don’t need to provide again and again.

Thank you!

They will still need to enter credentials, but with a long lived refresh token they won’t have to log in over and over

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