I got unexpected failure trying to fetch apis

This happens when I go to QuickStart on Machine-to-Machine Application

On logs I got:

  "date": "2023-08-11T08:14:47.045Z",
  "type": "feccft",
  "description": "SandboxFatalError on credentials-exchange: callback is not a function",


As per the error description, the error is coming from the Action, particularly the Machine to Machine Flow.

It seems there is a mistake in the Action script, as callback is not defined as a function:

callback is not a function

Please review your Machine-to-Machine Action script.

You can also temporarily disable it to confirm the error is coming from there.


Thank you Art,

But, It seems like we don’t have any action enabled (installed nor custom)

I just disabled a hook and the issue went away, thank you!