How to switch on new dashboard experience

In staging tenant, I am already using the new dashboard UI. Now I want to use that also in production. But I can’t find where I can switch it on.

In one of the threads, somebody cited it’s possible to do this in “Tenant Settings > Advanced > New Dashboard Experience”. But I don’t have there any “New Dashboard Experience” option.

Where I can find it?

Hey there!

Let me find it out for you and get back to you with the news soon!

Just found it!

You need to go here to enable that:

Dashboard -> Tenant Settings -> Advanced -> Feature Previews (section at the bottom) -> New Dashboard Experience

Actually, this option is visible in the new Dashboard but not in the old dashboard. So I can go to the old one, but not the other way.

Okokok thanks for confirming that! Let me research that a bit more then and get back to you soon with the answer!

Hey there!

I just got a confirmation from the Dashboard Product Manager that as of now it’s not yet available for all the tenants but shortly will be.