Tenant dashboards look different

I’ve got two tenant partitions in my account. I’m trying to understand why they look different. One is old (it was created several years ago) and one was created two days ago. Is there a way to get them to look the same by disabling some kind of legacy stuff on the old one?



Hey there @joliver1! :slight_smile:

It’s because we rolled out recently a new look of the dashboard. Let me reach out to appropriate team to get it all in the same style :slight_smile: If you can send me your tenant name via private message it will be really helpful!

Thanks I already relayed it to appropriate team. They’re investigating that! I should let you know really shortly about the outcome :slight_smile:

Both tenant’s dashboards’ sidebars should look the same now. For future reference if anyone experience something like that please send me a private message with your tenant names!

Thank you!

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