How to support multiple domains from same tenant


I am trying to understand how to support multiple domains from the same tenant.
Let me try and explain what I am trying to achieve. May be someone more experienced with AuthO than me might be able to suggest the best way to implement this.
We have two different websites - lets say and . Both of them have their own branding however they are related.
What I want to do is that if a user signs up for ABC website, he/she should be able to access XYZ as well and vice-versa.
If I use the same tenant, the issue is the branding logo, name shown on the lock and most importantly application name shown requesting access is the same.
I don’t want to create separate tenants for each website as the user will have to individually sign up for each.
You can basically think of it as different brands, different websites but sharing their login functionality.
Any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated.
I am using @auth0/auth0-spa-js in my ReactJS client to connect to AuthO.


It sounds like what you want to do is customize the ULP login page based on client ID (which identifies the application).


Thanks @john.gateley. I was able to handle the design elements (i.e logo and name) on the lock using config.extraParams
I think your suggestion is much better.
However, I am struggling to achieve the following

  1. Dynamically change the name of the tenant shown to user when requesting access. I want to show the name of the application
  2. I am able to customize the email sent on user signup/password reset on basis of the applicattion. However, I am not able to define different From Address while sending emails for different applications. For e.g. for Application ABC I want to send email from, for XYZ application it should be as these are two separate domains.


Hi @codenameredpanda

I’m not sure what your first question means: you cannot change the Auth0 tenant. But I don’t think that is what you’re asking.

For the second, unfortunately you can only customize the name/text portion of the From email address, not the email address part.