How to set up the organization and application setting on Auth0 for this requirement?

Hey everyone,

I have two Auth0 tenants for two websites, and now. But I want to use one tenant to log in to both sites using auth0 organization functionality. This means that users will see the same sign-up/log-in screen on both sites.

If a user signs up on either site, a new user will be created for their organization. If a user logs in on one site (e.g.,, they’ll be taken to the aaa site. This works the same way for the bbb site.
If the user belongs to both of the orgs, he will see the org selector when he logs in.

I’ve read the docs, but I can’t get my setup to work. Can someone help me out?

I hope this is helpful!

To use Auth0 organization functionality across two websites ( and, first enable organizations in your Auth0 dashboard and set up separate connections for each organization. Customize the Universal Login page to provide a consistent sign-up/login experience. Implement logic in your application code to redirect users based on their organization membership after login. Handle organization selection for users belonging to multiple organizations.