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How to save user information in my db by coordinating auth0 with my legacy web api. core 2.0 web api and angularjs client with auth0 configuration.



Based on Auth0 tutorials i observed that users information is handled by Auth0.
But for my scenario I want to handle the user information by using my DB without configuring custom db in Auth0.

  1. I want to implement - whenever a user registers for the first time, Auth0 should make a call to my web api and save the user information in my db.
  2. Based on documentations I tried to do by creating a Rule with Custom webhook with ASPNET WebApi2 (for calling Auth0 to my leagcy web API).
  3. But, when i implemented that i was able to save user information when user is signing in but not when registering.
  4. I published my API’s in web app to test by creating rules with hooks
  5. I need to verify the user information with my db when user makes authentication request to auth0 and connects with my legacy api and retrieve user information with my db and send token. core web api and angularjs client with auth0 configuration

Can anyone help on 1, 2, 3 points.