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How to save unique key/data against user?




I’m very to this community and Auth0. I have a basic question, can we save any custom data against my users? Say example, I would like to save encryption_key(String) against my user. Is this possible?

Kindly help me to resolve my query. Thanks.


You can store whatever information you like in the user’s user_metadata and app_metadata.

You’ll need to determine whether it is safe for you to store an encryption key.


Thanks for your information. I have one more question regarding this metadata. Developer of my application won’t have any access to this user specific metadata right?


Your application/developers have access to all user profile data and metadata. Some profile attributes are read only (user_id). If you want to limit access to profile data, I’m sure there is a way to do it (maybe with an API?) but that is a bit beyond my expertise.

In general, user_metadata is intended for attributes that the user (application end-user) should be able to change (e.g., mailing address), while app_metadata is for attributes the user should not be able to change (e.g., assigned groups / roles, an application specific identifier ).