How to Save the Error Log with Http Request body & its header

Thanks for your help. 

I would like to capture all the failure attempts of my app's login. 

In the dashboard of Auth0, I was able to see the Logs section, 

there I could see the logs, but if I open that particular log, it only shows minimal information(Please refer the attached screenshot). 

I would like to capture request body and header of that login request. 

So that I can identify that why user unable to login into the app. 

Kindly please help me by answering the below,

1. Will log in Auth0 capture the Login Request body and header or not?

2. Is there any way to do it?

Hey @vijayakumarm, you can capture more information using the network inspector of the Browser on which you are trying to login.
You can capture the network traces in a HAR file as well for further analysis:

Hi @sidharth.chaudhary, thank you for your updates.

That I can do, if I’m the only one user of the app.

But my app has many users,

if they are not able to login into my app through Auth0, I have to capture their request body and headers.

By default auth0’s log captures only little bit of information as I shown in my previous comment screenshot.

How do I get/capture request body and headers of all failure attempts of user’s login request?

Thanks for your help:)