How to retrieve user information in Apache2 server?

Hi, I have configured Auth0 with an Apache2 server dedicated only to authentication. This Apache server acts as a proxy server, when the authentication is successful I need to retrieve user information inside my Apache server and send user details as an HTTP header to my application server.
I am facing an issue retrieving user information inside Apache once authenticated from Auth0.

@namithjain575 Are you using the auth_openidc mod? It will add the ID token to a header named OIDC_id_token - but this can also be configured using OIDCPassIDTokenAs: mod_auth_openidc/auth_openidc.conf at f734bde750445fbacc248f1409804b4450006a02 · OpenIDC/mod_auth_openidc · GitHub
The ID token contains the user details, which can be decoded/validated in the app. Optionally, you can configure it to set the decoded payload in the header instead.