No password prompt on Apache site

I’m trying to add Auth0 to a website on a VPS server that I run. I copied the website content to /home/xxxxx/www/site. I made another folder for the redirect at /home/xxxxx/www/auth0, and a logout URL in /home/xxxxx/www/logout. I put the recommended settings in /etc/apache/ ```

# mods-available/auth_openidc.conf

OIDCProviderMetadataURL https://dev-{code here}
OIDCClientID {id here}

OIDCScope "openid name email"
OIDCCryptoPassphrase <passwordToEncryptTheSessionInformationOnTheCookie>

<Location /home/xxxxx/www/site>
   AuthType openid-connect
   Require valid-user
   LogLevel debug

The auth_openidc module is enabled. This site is configured as a VirtualHost on apache.

The problem is that when I go to the website, it just shows me the content without prompting me for a password. Do I have to make a login form or modify my website content to get it to require a login before viewing the main site content?