Storing Auth0 User Information separately

Hello Auth0 Community!
I’m doing a school project and I’m hoping somebody can help me with an issue that my team and I are having while making our web application.
We’re using Auth0 for authentication, with Apache front end and php back end. I’m wondering if there’s a way to pull information from Auth0 when users log in. For example, we want to be able to store when a user has logged in and for how long in a separate database that we have created.
We’ve been trying to use the documentation and we have the .env file as well as the index.php file that Auth0 provides, and we’ve landed on trying to use the tokens but it’s honestly really confusing.
I searched through some other forum posts and came across this, which sounds like my problem. However, the response mentions finding the token (not sure how to be honest), and the Apache Quickstart documentation does not mention anything about tokens.

Thanks in advance for any and all help!

Hey @nc442, welcome to the Auth0 community!

The information of these events such as when a user has logged in / logged out can all be found within the Tenant Logs. On your Dashboard go to Monitoring > Logs.
We would recommend setting up a Log Stream to store and monitor these logs with a third party such as datadog for further analysis.
Hope this information helps and good luck with the project!

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Hi Nathan!
Thanks so much for your response, I will definitely be trying this out