How do I extract user data after user registers with Auth0?

Hello everyone,

Very happy to be a part of the auth0 community! I am looking for some help and general guidance for setting up auth0.

Our team is creating a school project, and we are using the free-tier Auth0 for authentication. Our website structure looks like this:

  • Front-end: apache2
  • Messaging: RabbitMQ
  • Back-end: php 8.2
  • Database: MySQL Server

We want to be able to retrieve user information from the raw JSON file located in auth0, but we fear that this may be a feature that is simply not available with free-tier Auth0. At the moment, our login and registration works perfectly thanks to the streamlined setup provided by auth0, but we would like to at least have the user_id available, as well as a session token as we will be doing score tracking for a video game. All of this data will be stored in our database.

Is there an alternative solution for the goal that we have, or would it be a better option to pivot to a traditional login/registration solution for the time being? Please provide detailed answers at your discretion, as this is an urgent matter.

Thank you in advance and have a good one!

Hi there @DaCoderDude123 !

It sounds like you’ll want to take a look at using the Management API to get user information. There are many options to do this programmatically, even a PHP SDK.

Alternatively, the user_id should be available as the sub claim in both ID and access tokens.

Hope this helps!

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