How to remove the tenant or "friendly name" from new universal login?

We’ve just switched to the new universal login. currently on the login window it says;

Log in to “company inc.” to continue to "app."

where we want it to say simply

Log in to "app"

Removing the “friendly name” from the tenant settings adds the tenant name instead of company which is even worse.

How would one edit this message to just show the app name?


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At the moment, this cannot be changed in the new Universal Login Page. It’s a fix string pattern.

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@darren The product team is working on an API that lets you specify the text shown on the new ULP. Might still take a few weeks before made available as a stable release, but an early access is available. (You can send me a DM with your tenant name and region).

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Is there a way to track the fix?
My app says “Log in to Kopi to continue to Kopi.”

It’s not a big deal, but I’d still like to change it as soon as that becomes an option.
I’d like to track it because I’ll just start ignoring that message as soon as the new experience becomes my new normal.

Great job on speeding up the whole process, by the way. The slowness was another thing I’d internalised as “it has to be that way” - but I noticed the speed up immediately the first time I used the new experience. New react tutorial is also much appreciated.

@shorn.tolley There is no public facing tracker to track it, but give it another 3-4 weeks. I will also update this thread here once it available officially.
As mentioned above, if you want early access, PM me with your tenant name.

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