Change tenant name in User Consent screen

I signed up for Auth0 using a tenant name that mirrored the name of my app. I have since changed the name of my app. I understand I can not change my tenant name, which is ok because I can change the name of the Auth0 app, so the new name is being used publicly pretty much everywhere.

However, when a new user creates an account they are redirected to the screen documented here

Here is the text of the documentation dialog:

Hi Auth0 User,
Fabrikam Client for Contoso is requesting access
to your AuthO tenant.

My application shows:

Hi [user email address when using un/pw]
[My new app name] is requesting access to your
[tenant name] account.

Is there a way to configure this screen to show my new app name instead of the tenant name, or at least use ‘Auth0’ instead of my tenant name (as seen in the documentation)?

It seems odd for app developers to have to create a new tenant when renaming an app to avoid this unsightly and very confusing dialog message. I simply don’t want my tenant name to be used publicly as it makes no sense to the users anyway. I want to use my configured Application App name.

Hello @mikkimichaelis ,

You can still use the current tenant as is.

With the New Universal Login, you can customise text prompts by navigating to Branding > Universal Login > Custom Text > and selecting ‘consent’ in the Prompt dropdown field.


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