How to remove the default saml assertions when sending the saml response to some external IDP

My client just want specific attributes to be sent in saml response so how would we remove the default saml assertions attributes (like the picture, username, clientId, created_at, etc) while sending a response using saml web app addons

Hey there @anumrauf932, when working with saml assertions and making changes I would recommend taking at the below doc. Please let me know if this helps you in your quest!

Hi @James.Morrison, I tried that and it’s working when adding the custom attributes in the saml assertion but the default attributes like the picture, nickname, clientId etc still rename in the saml response. I want to remove these default attributes from saml response

Following up @anumrauf932, If you aren’t able to find the attributes to be modified in the Mapping section, then you won’t be able to modify the default attributes any further. That being said, I would highly recommend leaving us details on the usecase at as it will give our product team insight as they work to plan future roadmap deliverables. Each piece of feedback is reviewed manually by our product team and carries weight with the more detailed they are.

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