SAML SP attribute mapping: overriding default mapping

Using Auth0’s SAML Enterprise connection as a SAML SP, I’m having issues overriding the default claims (attribute) mapping

I have done the following

  • given this truncated. Attribute statement in the SAML IdP assertion:
      <Attribute Name="">
        <AttributeValue>Bobby Fisher</AttributeValue>
      <Attribute Name="">
  • I want to the value of to populate the name field of the Auth0 profile.

  • I have followed the guide on inspecting incoming SAML attributes and found that the serialised details.original_profile property contains:

	"sub": "some_user_id",
	"given_name": "",
	"family_name": "",
	"nickname": "",
	"name": "",
	"picture": "",
	"updated_at": ""
  • In my SAML connection’s attribute mapping section, i’ve configured this:
  • and then checked via API that options.fieldsMap contains:
"fieldsMap": {
            "name":  ""

Even with this configuration, the default is being used as the name value in the Auth0 user’s profile.

Is there a way for me to achieve what I want to do?