SAML mapping issues

I’m testing an app using auth0 as my IdP with a test user using Username-Password-Authentication.

The app requires a the following fields to be returned:

  • User.FirstName
  • User.LastName

If I’ve wrapped my head round this correctly my understanding was that I could change the settings in the ‘SAML2 Web App’ and modify the mappings accordingly.

I’m not confident my syntax is correct but I’m finding that pretty much no matter what I do, those mappings don’t appear to change.

  "mappings": {
      "": "",
      "User.FirstName": "",
      "User.LastName": "",

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @liam_bowers,

Welcome and thank you for posting in Auth0 Community! :partying_face:

What do you mean when you say those mappings don’t appear to change? Have you tried creating this rule?