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How to override the callback url on the SAML2 Web App addon




I have implemented the PKCE flow in a command line utility ( in order to exchange a SAML response token, for AWS credentials. For this I have configured the ‘SAML2 Web App’ Addon onto a native application.

Now I would like to combine this functionality to deliver both AWS console and cli access. For this I need to change the callback URL: For AWS Console -> and for the CLI it is http://localhost:12200/saml.

I have added both URLs to the allowed callback urls, but the add on always redirects to the Application Callback URL defined in the usage section of the ‘SAML2 Web App’ .

Specifying a redirect_uri as a parameters on the /authorize request does not help.

Is there any way to influence the callback url on the ‘SAML2 Web App’ addon?