How to open android/ios app from confirmation email?

  1. We configured “Verification Email” in Email Templates and set “Redirect To” field as “https://OUR_WEBSITE/confirmation-email” and this works fine.

  2. If user use a smartphone we would like that when you confirm email opened our mobile application instead of browser url as for the desktop (“https://OUR_WEBSITE/confirmation-email”)

  3. We read these articles:

and got the correct links:

  1. However in verification email the confirm url generated by Auth0 like this “http://links.MY_WEBSITE_DOMAIN/wf/click?..” which redirect to “https://OUR_WEBSITE/confirmation-email”

What is the best way for opening mobile app from confirmation email via Auth0? We don’t want to make hack solutions and so we want to know from you.

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Did you ever figure out a solution to this? We are running into the same issue.

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