How to Obtain Client and Secret IDs in instagram

I have a question about how to use instagram for social login.
Do I need app review to get client ID and secret ID with Instagram Graph API?
By the way, I have never obtained a client ID and secret ID in the past. This is my first time.
Please let me know if there is a way to get it without review.
On the configuration page of instagram, it says that you should review it and set it to live mode.
Can I get an ID if I pass the review?

Similar question about Instagram has been asked recently here:

You need to obtain the Client ID and Client Secret from Instagram (belonging to Facebook) as per their documentation. The latest info about their process should be documented there, and there were quite a few changes around Instagram in the near past, since Facebook doesn’t any longer recommend Instagram to be used as IdP but recommends Facebook, therefore, it’s best to consult the Instagram documentation.

Auth0 does not support Instagram social connection out of the box anymore, therefore you’d need to use the custom social provider extension, as mentioned in the linked thread above.

Also see the deprecation note:

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