How to locate deleted users by name/email?

Log entries related the user deletion events only contain the userid of the user being delted.

How can I find if/when/who delted a particular user, without knowing the userid?

For example how find if/when user was deleted?

Hi @kalin_sheytanov

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Thank you for posting your question. If you need to check the user quickly and you know the user email, you can use Auth0 Management API v2, log in with your Auth0 credentials, set the API Token, and use this page to get user_id.

I hope this will help you!


Hi Dawid,

Thanks for hopping in, but I am afraid this would not help. The scenario is:

  1. User John Doe self registers, logs in and starts using an app.
  2. After some time he reports he is no more able to login.
  3. After inspection, I find out his account no longer exists.

How to find who deleted John Doe? I know his email adress, but I don’t know his user ID.


You can use the log monitoring tool to find the deleted user’s log and see how the user was deleted.

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